Inverted Nipple Correction in Kent

Inverted Nipple Correction in KentSurgical Options

There are two kinds of operations for this condition. These are based on preserving the ducts and therefore preserving the ability to breast feed or dividing the ducts.

In some cases inverted nipple correction cannot be obtained without dividing the ducts.


Scarring is minimal with most operations. Mr Khandwala will show you the type of scarring that will commonly result from your chosen operation.

It is important to remember that the use of the NipletteĀ® will be advised before and after surgery. This is essential to keep the correction.

Mr Khandwala will advise you on the best method to correct your inverted nipple. Should there be an recurrence, a further operation may be necessary.

Nipple sensation can occasionally change after an inverted nipple correction.

For more information about inverted nipple correction,Ā contact Mr Khandwala.